Nothing inspires a bout of extreme gratefulness like being sick. Grateful for being able to drink water. Grateful for my loving family. Grateful for a cozy home to recover in. Grateful for my usual health. Grateful for the return of liking the smell of food... The list could go on forever, so it feels very appropriate that this is the Thanksgiving week.
Alex and David's father and other brother are coming to visit tomorrow. Alex Sr. from Chicago and Mike from LA. We have been spending the day tidying up the house and yard to prepare for them and it feels invigorating. Why is it that having guests motivates a spruce-up like nothing else? I guess you stop to see it from their eyes?
Right now Alex and David are outside putting together our new trampoline, and we just put down a new layer of wood chips on our paths. My goal is to make the bathhouse a little more "guest friendly". We have a composting toilet and I know it (and the outside bathroom in general) is a little scary for guests. I wish we still had flowers to pick outside... I like to think that sometimes a vase of flowers can distract someone out of feeling completely out of their element. I think I will at the very least make an occupied/open sign for the door so no one is worried about others barging in on them. All these things that probably should have been done years ago... but, better late than never!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and are finding it hard to count the blessings because there are just so many.
The view from above our land looking out over the Piedmont. (Our roof is the one to the far right that you can see)

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Anonymous said...

I love thinking of you freshening up the bath house. I have fond memories of that place, despite everything, and would still love to have our own composting toilet system some day, though ours would have to be adjacent to the house. NH winters preclude walking outside to go to the bathroom, even if it is to visit such a cozy bath house as yours! ;)

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you!