Lili and I woke up this morning to sun and snowflakes.
Alex was already gone. He had gotten up before dawn to milk the goat and go wash windows with David (David has a window cleaning business). They ended up having to turn around due to the snow, and so now we are having a peaceful family day. Peaceful that is except for Lili's fits. I started to feel depressed about it this morning as she whined and cried over and over and over. I set her down? tantrum. I won't let her hold the glass jar in the fridge? tantrum. Have to put on a diaper? tantrum. I I just thought tantrums happened in the terrible twos...
*sigh*So I asked Ema- my first and foremost mothering adviser- and she pointed out there has been a lot of upheaval in the last week. That was a good point. And then I spent Alex and Lili's afternoon nap calming my nerves by cuddling up on the couch, drinking chocolate goat milk, and trying to gain some perspective. The mothering.com website has been invaluable for this sort of problem.
I do feel much better now. I feel reassured that I am not doing anything "wrong" and I am armed with some good gentle discipline approaches to handle her fits. Thank God for all of the other mothers out there who can offer me peace of mind!


cara lou said...

The MDC is such a great resource! Those ladies have helped me figure out so many things -- from pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn stuff and now learning about gentle discipline techniques. I love it!

I'm sure Lili will get back into the swing of things once she gets used to being back at home and things have calmed down.

William has started having little mini-tantrums, too, over similar things. And we've been out of town for two weeks and now are leaving again for basically a month! Quite a bit of upheaval here, too!

Good luck! :)

NeNe and Papa said...

My sweet, sweet daughter-in-law,
I remember when Davey had his first tantrum. He was Lily's age and it broke my heart. I was NEVER going to have kids that acted like that...
Ha! It's soooo normal. Her walking world has just opened up for her, and she wants to explore and touch everything NOW:0 So glad you have Ema next door to coach you through. You are going to be fine. Just breathe!. Love you so much. You are doing an awesome job!

Liz said...

Re: Kathleen's remarks

Those are some words of wisdom, spoken by someone who knows and obviously cares!

She's right. You are doing an awesome job!

Linda said...

Lili is finding her way in the world. She has so much to say but hasn't quite mastered the art of language.... You're her fabulous mom - doing a fabulous job - and you both will find your way. I haven't a doubt about it! You will show her how to have a voice - her own strong voice - and to use it with kindness, consideration and effectiveness. It's sooooooo normal. And I'm sure just a phase. Keep up the wonderful mothering. I love you!