The resort we stayed at had a mini zoo with a few animals that they rehabilitated but were unable to be released back into the wild. These two monkeys were love-hungry cuddle-bugs.
and here is Carrie loving the monkey cuddling up to her... It was all incredibly sweet until the monkey started to pee on her- and then when she tried to hold it away from her- it bit her.


Adam said...

Monkeys are crazy. I would not cuddle with a monkey. They are too crazy for cuddling.

Glad you escaped with just one bite amongst you. Or...?

babyjenks said...

i hope she had her shots! monkey bites can be nasty.

Erin said...

oooo monkey's I love monkeys! But I have heard some crazy stories about monkeys. I would have been sad if one had bit me, then I might have to not love monkey's.

Meghan said...

When I was in Nicaragua, a monkey stole my ice cream spoon! Crazy Nicaraguan monkeys!