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Michael, Terry, Jeff, Adam, Alex, Paul, & Mom
Today is my friend Christine's birthday (Christine of the wedding we went to in Nicaragua) and I was having a moment this morning where I felt sad that I couldn't be with her in Cali to celebrate, and at the same time I was having this beautiful breakfast with other old and dear friends at my Mom and Paul's. I feel like I am able to enjoy wherever and whomever I am with, but it doesn't stop me from feeling torn.
I have been thinking a lot this past year about how our family and friends are geologically scattered about. Because Alex and I are from different states, and live in another we have friends and family everywhere. I don't think this is unusual in this day and age, but I don't think it was like this for our great-grandparents. I don't think it is far fetched to say that they lived closer to their families and friends than we do. Of course, now that I wrote that I am realizing Alex's great-grandparents immigrated from Mexico~ leaving behind most of their families. So at least we live in the day and age of email, and facebook, and blogs, and ways to zip around the world.
So here is a toast to our loved ones.
The ones we are eating with, and the ones who are far away.


Erin said...

I would love to imagine myself seated at that table with you and everyone else. I also often think about all those things. I love where I live and my friends I have here but I also so miss the ones who live all over the country. And yes, so thankful for Blogs and Facebook. Love you!

CT said...

Thanks for the shout out. Before I read your words, I said to Andy (who is sitting next to me) "Ahhh...LOOK...I know all these people sitting at Linda's table." It's so true....we are ALL scattered everywhere. But, this is a good time to share a card that Ryan Rodriquez sent to me for my birthday...it says, "When there are no words...know that the silences are carrying the thoughts and prayers of all who love you." I love that saying because I wish I could tell everyone -all my friends, love ones and those acquaintances that have made an impression- how often I actually think of them and send them good will, love and positive energy.
BTW - Andy and I were enjoying the video of Lili. She puts a smile on our faces!!!