handmade dolls

I have been wanting to make Lil a doll recently. I made the doll above for Gita a couple years ago, and it has been well loved. Considering my lack of experience in doll making, and the fact that I swung it with no pattern I think I did pretty well! Also, considering the amount of hot glue I used to keep her together it is amazing she is still soft. Don't you love her hair? I sort of wish I had hair like that. Maybe for my next doll I will try to simplify it and hopefully use more thread and less glue... Maybe while Lili naps today I will begin.
Happy Monday!

p.s~ Love, please come home, we miss you.


Liz said...

As a matter of fact, I DO love it! What did you end up making for the birthday girl last friday?

Jen said...

LOVE that doll!!!!!