meeting bubbles and camina.

I have mentioned it before, but I have to repeat that goat babies are one of the cutest things EVER. They are soft and cuddly and make little squeaky Maaaa Maaaa sounds. They (goats in general, not just the kids) have irises that are horizontal, which I think gives them a slightly goofy but wise look. This, coupled with their frisky and clumsy movements makes them irresistible. (However, I am a sucker for TLC's "Baby Story" show too, so maybe I am just a baby-a-holic...) Either way, Our new goat babies are wonderful.
Gita accompanied Lili and I up to the barn this morning to meet them. The mom goat, Windy, is refusing to nurse them (because she was bottle fed herself) so we are taking shifts bottle feeding the babies ourselves 4 times a day. First we milk Windy, and then transfer the milk into a bottle and feed the goats by hand. Although this is extremely laborious, the benefit is that the babies imprint on us, and will grow up to be very human friendly.

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