Lil says "READ!"

The other day Lili and I were at our friend Caren's house and Lili came up to me with a book held out. Instead of her usual demand to read her the book ("Dis?" "Dis???") she looked at me and said "REA?" "REA??" It was so great!
She then proceeds to hand you the book and if you are sitting down she will turn around and back into your lap.
These photos are also from the other day. I was making breakfast at my Mom's and all of sudden realized it was too quiet. I peeked in the other room expecting a disaster, only to find that Lili had crawled up into this big chair with a book. I don't think these pictures even capture how cute she was. I hope this love of books continues for the rest of her life!


Adam said...

That is freaking amazingly awesome, to have that as one of her first handful of words. =genius. Time to start researching elite private boarding schools :^).

Really amazing. I hope Corbin finds books to be this important to him at this age.

Next, she'll bring you the laptop and say, "Blo? Blo??"

I mean, she does have her own blog...

Nice work on the picture grid, by the way.

Erin said...

That's pretty cool! READ Lili READ! Corbin likes to eat books right now. Yum. Reading through digestion.

Diana said...

that is so awesome! when you get home, you should take bi-weekly trips to the library and stock up on children's books to keep variety. Go Lili! Drive safe and no more tickets (coming from the queen of tickets, moving and parking you name it, I get 'em). p.s. I love Lili's Frida Kahlo t-shirt! where did you get it?