So Lil has had a cold for the last week. Lots of boogers and snarffles. Lots of drool because she can't breathe through her nose. When she kisses you with her sweet open mouth kisses it can get pretty slimy...
So I have been using the snot-snatcher on her. The snot-snatcher is the bulbous shaped suction thingy that they send you home from the hospital with after having a baby. Before she goes down for a nap I will say: "Come on Lili, time to use the snot-snatcher" and she will look at it and burst into tears. By the time It is happening she doing one of those silent cries that means a huge shriek is coming. Needless to say it is an unpleasant situation every time.
So I was doing the dishes yesterday and Lili was playing at my feet. I looked down to see that she was fiddling with a doll that she had brought over. Then just as I was about to turn my attention away I realized she had the snot-snatcher in her hands. I watched as she carefully aimed the tip to the dolls soft and small thread nose and held it there... It is such a small thing, and yet so huge to see something I am doing to her mimicked back.

well, at least the doll looks happy about being snot-snatched!


Meghan said...

Poor little Lili! Hope she starts feeling better soon!

Adam said...

"Your dolly likes the snot-snatcher, Lili! Smile when I snatch your snot, just like dolly! See? Smiling! She loves snot snatching!"


Erin said...

Oh the snot snatcher! Oh how Corbin hates it. I am sorry Lili is not feeling well. And yet so cute that she was doing that with her dolly! So cute!

cara lou said...

Hope Lili feels better soon!

Will has started mimicing a bit, too, and it is so adorable! I love it. This age is so much fun.