Yesterday we woke up to snow falling. And it fell all day long while we had a cozy family day indoors. We watched the snow fall outside through our big windows, and cuddled next to our Christmas tree.
This morning we woke up to 15" of winter wonderland! A true snowstorm by North Carolina standards. We got all suited up and went out to play in snow:
Then we came in and Lili had her first hot cocco-after-playing-in-the-snow experience. She had fun this morning, and we had fun watching her wonderment...It seems like it could be days before they plow our road. I don't know when we will get off the mountain!


Linda said...

How exciting! Maybe I should bring down those snowpants!

Hope it hangs around 'til next week! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! This all looks delightful! I'm wishing you all a cozy, snowy time, these darkest of days. Love from NH!

Erin said...

What fun! I can't wait for us to get some real snow too. Maybe in Bend. Hope you enjoy it and stay cozy and warm!