new work

This is a commissioned painting I have been having fun working on. It has been a challenge to paint daffodils in the winter since I have no real life flowers to draw from, but I am happy with how they turned out.
I hope everyone out there is having a lovely Wednesday. Happy December new moon!


Daisie said...

You would never know they weren't painted from real daffs, the textures are wonderful, I love this piece!
Hoping you and bump are well?!

Caren said...

Love it! Yes, the textures are amazing! Also, it puts a smile on my face to see sweet Lili in that dress! I'm saying a prayer for Sharon tonight, too. *Hugs* to you.

mamaayanna said...

Very veyr nice~

Erin said...

Wow that is so beautiful. I love it! Wow again.

becca said...

kelcey... my oh my. that is really sweet.