Big Craftyness withdrawl...

This is the first night in what feels like a long time that I haven't been painting or assembling or crafting. Alex fell asleep putting Lili to bed, and now the house is quiet and I feel restless and without a purpose.
The Big Crafty went really well for me yesterday. It was packed and bustling most of the day, and the area my booth was in felt lively but also a little sheltered from the sometimes overcrowded main hallway of the event. My sister was kind enough to take Lili all day which was a HUGE help, and Alex and I took turns at the booth. A couple of times I eavesdropped on conversations he was having with customers and I came to the realization that he is better about talking about my art than I am much of the time. I sometimes get tongue-tied, or shy, or unable to fully articulate something, whereas Alex plunges right in and really is my ultimate champion.

Overall yesterday, I sold 36 of the 49 small paintings I brought to the show (yay!!!) and TONS of pendants. The ornaments didn't sell as well as I thought they might, and I am already thinking about how I can better display them next year. Honestly the whole selling art, marketing, packaging, and displaying thing still feels new to me. I have days where I just want to disregard it all and just paint, but I am finding that I am enjoying this aspect of being an artist more and more as time goes by.
I forgot to take my camera out of my bag the entire show, but thankfully my friend Liz stopped by and took these pictures of the booth to share with you. (Thanks Liz!)
Thank you to all of you who came by and supported and encouraged me yesterday!!! And here we are, socially overstimulated, exhausted, (Lili woke up at 4:30 that morning... what the heck???) but very happy:


Daisie said...

Your booth looks wonderful and I just love your little pendants.

You and Alex look lovely in the last shot and your bump is growing so nicely :-)

Get some well deserved rest now it's over!


Gypsy at Heart said...

Alley Cat NOT being quiet? AWESOME! Perhaps the fact that he was/is sandwiched between two very er, uh, verbose kids, he figured why bother competing? So glad he has found a voice with you, his most awesome mate;) Congratulations for all your hard work, and for all you sold.

Kat said...

yay big crafty! good to see that it was busy, and that you are looking beautiful!

one of these days I'm going to get around to ordering something of yours off ESTY...


Linda said...

Congrats on what sounds like a successful, positive show! Yahoo!

A big thanks to Liz for the beautiful shots of you! Your tummy is growing ~ can't wait to see it soon!

Beth HF said...

I know what you mean about "making art" and "selling art" such two different worlds. I found it so weird to sit by my booth when I did a holiday show a few years ago and see people's immediate reactions to my work....it was overall a very nice feeling to see people enjoy it!
I know some people will have some VERY nice presents to give their loved ones:)

Anonymous said...

I"m so happy to hear that the big crafty went well! I'm sorry that I've been so out of touch--let's catch up soon! Love you, and I did get your facebook message.