the fullness of the heart

"The Fullness of the Heart"
6.5" x 6.5"
A while back I was asked by a blog reader the question of where I get my bird images from. Lately I have been cutting most of them out from a vintage (1940's) Audubon bird book. When I have used up all the birds from that particular book, I am not sure where I will turn next. I love the excitement and mystery of finding new and fun sources for my collage/paintings. This book came from a local antique shop... I have been perusing ebay and etsy lately though for antique ledgers and striking old books.
I will admit that sometimes I question using someone else's drawing in my own art. There is part of me that feels like I alter it so much, and I give each collage image a new life~ and then there are moments it feels a little like cheating. I wonder for example how the original illustrator of this beautiful owl pair would feel about their new surroundings... Should I have found my own owls to paint and let my painting be "more mine" somehow? I remember in college learning about altering something at least 20% to not be considering plagiarizing. The line is just so fuzzy. In my heart I don't feel like I am overstepping any boundaries, but, it does cross my mind often.

Do other artists have thoughts like this? I often am thinking about art things that seem taboo to bring up for some reason...


CourtneyP said...

I struggle with the same thoughts. I try to alter images as much as possible but still feel like it is not completely mine. I most often use my own photos. Your work is definitly your own.... the piece is more than just the owls... however I understand the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Your artwork always strikes me as irrepressibly you. I think I understand what you're getting at (I feel a little bit the same way with my photographs... I mean, all I'm doing is pointing my camera at something and taking a picture! Is the image really "mine"?) but I want you to know that your style and creative spirit comes through your work very strongly. And I love the owls. :)