recent funny lili

*We stayed in a beautiful lake house on Lake Lure for the Thanksgiving weekend. This house had many beautiful hand-crafted features in it, one of which was a beautiful stained glass window above the tub in the master bathroom. After a couple of days of taking bubble baths and enjoying the luxuriousness of it all Lili asked about "poo poos" in the window. I said "Lili, those aren't poo poos, they are clouds".

But they never looked like clouds to me again...

*I have found that maternity pants have this terrible inclination to ride and slide low, causing plumbers crack if you are not careful. In public I am always trying to keep this problem a secret, but at home sometimes I am a little more slack about how on top of this problem I am. On one of these lax occasions Lili came up behind me and stuck her cold finger on the tip of my butt crack and just as I jumped in surprise I heard her say, "What doin' bum bum???".

*Alex's Dad, (Alex Sr. or affectionately "Gramps") gave Lili this Cookie Monster doll as a present. The other day she was nursing Cookie Monster. This particular Cookie Monster burps and says things like "MMMMMMMMMMM Good!!!" when you open and close his mouth. He had a lot of good things to say about breastfeeding.


Erin said...

Oh the joys of words and knowing what is on her mind! And her actions. Thanks for the giggles. Love to you all.

Lindsey said...

Scott and I enjoyed reading this one together...thanks for making us laugh! Lili is too cute! :)