blizzard #2

I was supposed to be leaving in the morning to pick up my dear friend Caren at the airport in Charlotte... however a big blizzard is sweeping over us and it would be impossible for her to get here. There is absolutely no way we are leaving for at least a day or two, and realistically probably more than that. We already have 9" of snow and it will be snowing most of the night and tomorrow.

It can be so hard to accept change when it isn't the type of change you were hoping for...

I want the snow~ I love snowstorms... I was just so looking forward to being in the company of my childhood friend. I am taking this as a grand sign that she is supposed to come after the baby is born.

On a happier note, today was my niece Nim's 9th birthday. We had a snowy pizza party right next door. Homemade ice cream cake, presents, and a dance party in which we all did the hokey pokey (no joke). The dance party also included some Michael Jackson and a lot of top-40 music and Miley Cyrus.

Here is Lili right after she got her boots on (wrong feet) and ran outside to revel in the first snowflakes of our blizzard:

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Caren said...

As you know, I was at least as sad as you... But we're already looking at tickets for March, and it will be so very special to be able to meet your sweet baby!