stir crazy moments

  1. we made our holiday sugar cookies after the new year. they looked like valentines because all we had were red and pink sprinkles. aside from the few moments where my patience level was very thin and i had to remind myself that we were having fun (lili totally was...) it WAS fun. letting a two-year-old help make cookies is a lesson in letting go of control i found out. who knew i needed that lesson?
  2. making this creamy cauliflower soup. yum.
  3. making lists of things i want to get done before the baby comes.
  4. making tea with my new beautiful orange teapot.
  5. taking naps with lili every afternoon. i tell myself i am just going to put her to sleep and then i never get up. it is wonderful.
  6. finishing this book.
  7. going outside only to feed the chickens the compost scraps. brrrrr.
  8. painting with lili. (need to get some heavier duty paper as she bores holes in the middle of her paintings with the amount of water she slops on.)
  9. welcoming the carmonas home after two weeks of being alone on the homestead!
  10. waffling between feeling trapped and stir crazy with the little one to feeling warm, cozy, and crafty inside our tiny house.

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caren said...

kk, it was so, SO good to talk to you last night! i just had to chuckle when i came to your blog and saw this episode. yup! you should have seen clara "helping" me make pizza tonight! the oven finished preheating about 1/2 an hour before we actually got the dough rolled out! :) anyway, i'm flying high on my purchased tickets, and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!
sending love,