Lili is feeling very poorly today. It seemed like just a cold this morning, but it progressively got worse. I made the wise choice to cancel going to her Kindermusik class this morning, but then I dragged her to town with me to do errands anyway. I was thinking: just a few places and then we will be home. I had an art piece I had promised would go in the mail, and something to drop off for a friend, and I decided to go to the co-op and get some herbs to make a cough syrup for her. As she was patiently waiting in the cart in the bulk herb section as I filled the little bags with the herbs she went downhill. It was as if her cough and snot and droopy eyes quadrupled in seconds. And although the strangers and the bulk herb lady all were very kindly to us~ I couldn't help but feel like the villain in the situation. What sort of mother would bring her sickly child out like this and expose us all to that nasty whatever she has??? You know?But we had driven 45 mins to town already, so I felt obligated to do the bare bones of my errands... So I bribed her with a bag of pirate booty corn puffs to make it through the P.O line. Her face was covered in crumbs and she was swaying as she stood up, but she made it. On the way home though I could tell she felt even worse. She would cough, then let out a sob, and then say in a very distraught high-pitched whine, "I have booooooooooogers!" over and over again..And now she fitfully sleeping after snotting, and drooling, and running a small fever, and generally being miserable the rest of the day.

I feel like I have some apologies in order:
Sorry to anyone we shared germs with today.
Sorry to my poor sick baby... Looking back I probably should have never left the house.

After all that, the one good thing I did do was make this cough syrup for the little one. I hope she feels better soon.


Gypsy at Heart said...

Ah, yes! Just one more thing to feel guilty about;) The pictures are priceless! She'll be fine in no time, but will you let yourself off the hook? Time will tell. I love you to pieces. You are an awesome mommy! Pirate booty rocks!

Caren said...

I SO know that sinking feeling of, "I made a bad decision here..." But I'm with NeNe, don't take it too hard! Unfortunately none of us leave a very tidy trail behind us, but that seems to be the nature of this adventure called life. I love you so much, and Miss Lili will be feeling better soon, I'm sure!