Big Crafty pictures...

A finished glass tile pendant:
We have made 175 new pendants so far this summer. Here they all are all bundled up for the journey:
Ta Da! Alex made this new display for the pendants. It worked so much better than our past displays where customers were all huddled around one small basket trying to sort through them. Alex salvaged these old oak boards from the falling down barn behind our house.
This display was my families medicine cabinet growing up. It has proven to be such a versatile way to showcase my art. This time I had magnets on one door and earrings on the other (this was the exciting new project I have been working on that I wanted to share a few weeks ago~ once I take some good pictures I will show more).
My prints and more pendants
and beyond, my neighbor Dawn Dalto's booth...
My bigger paintings and my 4" x 4"ers on display:
Okay, this one isn't actually from the Big Crafty, but since Seo is so squishy cute, and because he was the Sweet Mess mascot this fair... he belongs here too:


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Erin said...

Looks so good Kelc! I need to make an order for one of those pendants soon :-) And Oh my goodness look at that cutie!!! He looks a lot like your dad in that picture.

Anonymous said...

You had great displays at The Big Crafty. Congrats. As I said, your work is great.