close my eyes after all the work.

Thank you to everyone who came out and visited me at the Big Crafty on Sunday. It was SUCH an awesome time, and I feel so lucky to be able to be part of such a wonderful fair. I sold a bunch of small paintings, tons upon tons of pendants, and got some really nice feedback on some of my larger work.
I met so many sweet customers,
hot sticky and tolerant kids,
adults who just couldn't resist asking the price tag of Seo,
other amazing artists,
people who read my blog (thank you so much for introducing yourself!!!)
aspiring artists,
and people who stopped by just to support me and say hi.
It felt like a success.
Immediately after the show ended Seo and I hopped in our car and drove 6 hours to the ocean (Lili drove down with my sister and Dave the day before). The first hour I didn't turn on any music or radio~ I just let the days many conversations and experiences wash over me. decompressing.

The reason I have no pictures yet is because I am on a family vacation at the beach (minus Alex who stayed home to work = best hubby ever.) and forgot that cord that allows me to upload my pictures.
A few small things like this fell to the wayside as we hustled to get ready for the Big Crafty and pack for the beach simultaneously.

Click HERE for the Asheville Citizen Times story and pictures of the event. More stories will come later I am sure.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that was a great Big Crafty!!! I saw so much artwork/craftwork that I admired. And your collages were among the best of what I liked.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelcey...not to turn your vacation into a shopping trip, but at electronics stores they sell cords that have adapters to fit any camera....or take a break! I'm glad your show went so well, but I assumed it would....you and your work are so wonderful.

Linda said...

I've been wondering how the fair went. Ahhh - I can relate so well to the solitude of "decompressing." There were many a trip home from Sunapee that were exactly that for me. I do miss the excitement of all that a fair encompasses! Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well, hope you enjoy your time at the beach with family.We are so far from the beach-we only get to see it once a year-
I clicked on the link you had for the big crafty-I looked at the pictures, i saw some skirts-photo 11-Do you know who this is?I went to the big crafty site but I can not find a vendor that matches up, I also saw your pendents!! Marcy