Lili has the hiccups this afternoon and we are trying new methods of getting rid of them. We have tried hopping on one foot, being upside down, drinking water, coughing, jumping, spinning, laughing, scaring her, making weird lip noises, and general silliness. (I decided not to show her the spoonful of sugar idea... )The anticipation and question of the coming hiccup is hilarious. When it finally comes, it sends her into a peel of laughter.

Seo is squirming around on the floor. He rolls...he scoots in an aimless direction. He lies his head down and quietly watches the action around him.

He seems to be on the earlier end of some things (at least compared to Lili) A tooth is working it's way through his bottom gum already, and he is seemingly attempting to crawl~ or at least crawl-ish-scoot-ish. I keep telling him there is no rush...


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Erin said...

They are too cute. Thanks for sharing. Eliza has been having TONs of hiccups lately. She doesn't find them quite as funny though.