new painting

I finished this new painting yesterday evening. It is the largest painting I have done recently~ although it is only one foot square. It has me dreaming of attempting some larger works, I am thinking 2' x 3' maybe. Or maybe I will stick to the square format...

I am in love with the owls in this painting. Owls have a place in many legends around the world as the keepers of sacred knowledge and guardians of the night.

"In the celtic tradition, the owl (cailleach-oidhche), represents wisdom, clairvoyance, stealth, initiation, change and detachment. Always aware of its surroundings, the owl uses intuition courageously, with insight into hidden truth, and a guide between earth creatures and Underworld deities." (source)

I was specifically thinking of our oil spill when I painted this piece~ the owls taking on a personal symbol of connectedness and greater insight to this horrific disaster.
The white dots are the constellation of the whale.


jessica louise said...

this is beautiful, kelcey! i wish i could afford it.

we are loving owls right now too. my little one says, "who, who?" all the time. mostly i am sewing little owl patches on everything.

happy fourth!

love, jess (caren's friend from gordon)

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

So beautiful and delicate!

Caren said...

Ooo, I LOVE it! Also, I miss you. Is it August yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh that is Wonderful!!! My daughter who is a great animal lover is especially fond of owls. She is reading that fiction series of books about owls, _Guardians of Ga'Hoole_. (Not sure if I spelled it right.)