link love...

  1. my morning coffee in a cup made by PINK KISS ... and her BLOG (loving the studio pictures since I grew up in a house with a pottery studio), and I am amazed at how THIS little bowl has similarities to the cup I painted a few weeks ago!
  2. newly discovered: this artist HELLO CORNEILIA and this artist KATY HORAN have something similar going on. both speak to me.
  3. backdrop SONG / ARTIST for the past month.
  4. THIS friend is dreaming of starting to sell her (in my biased opinion, gorgeous) photography~ stop by and support/tell her how awesome following her dream could be!
  5. playing around with PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 9 (see photo above) that came with my new printer. I am amazed by how much it can do vs. how inexpensive it is. amazing!   
  6. made THIS recipe for salmon cakes two nights ago. yum. (although I didn't have half the ingredients so I altered it significantly...)
  7. dreaming of our someday kitchen in our someday addition. like THIS collection of rooms from THIS blog.
  8. did a lot of my holiday shopping for my little friends at THIS awesome online factory store.
  9. loving my new coffee grinder my sister got us for Christmas. Looks something like THIS only prettier!
  10. wishing I had joined THIS cool project like THIS talented mentor/friend.
and lastly, I was going to add that Alex and David were driving to Raleigh in 9 days to meet their Uncle Boo-Boo to do THIS crazy thing... but just now when I went to get the link I discovered registration was full. You snooze you loose on this type of a good thing. I had to break the bad news to Alex, and he looks very disappointed right now. Hopefully next year he will get a chance to barf in this event. :)
have a lovely day xxx

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