He has been saying a few jumbled words such as "hot" (toward the stove) and "Dada", but there has been one word he clearly uses every day. And that word is Lili. He says: "Illy! Illy!!!". He lights up every morning when he hears her waking up.

It makes my heart melt.


Daisie said...

It's magical the bond a baby has with their next along sibling. Francecsa loved Elizabeth without question and Nani loved Francesca the same and Seb is soooooo in love with Nani (and it was his first proper word too), I'm sure it's because during their time in the womb they heard you and their big brother/sister talking together and the brother/sister is as familiar and comforting. And I bet Lili is the coolest big sister ever! Lovely photo. xxx

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great photo. I remember when my daughter said.... E - for her brother Ian. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

You just made mine melt, Kelc. So precious. Thank you so much for sharing these sweet moments.
Love you all,

Kathleen said...

I remember when Davey started addressing Alley Cat, but it took us a while to decode what he was saying, "Baby Brother Door Bear". Leave it to David to come up with something as profound as that;)

Adorable children. I must get out there soon or I shall bust.

Joanne Bischof said...

So sweet. There is nothing more touching then watching our children love one another.