sweet teeth and a trip north

My grandmother is still in hanging in there, but is expected to pass on sometime very soon. She isn't able to eat or drink and is on heavy painkillers. I imagine it is hard to let go of all your treasured objects and people you love when you are dying. She is a bit (understatement) of a hoarder in this lifetime and I can picture her having a hard time leaving it/us all behind.
The plan was made last night for the kids and me to fly up north to be there for the funeral (leaving tonight). We will be gone for 10 days. It is strange to feel so excited to see my whole extended family and yet feel so sad that neither of my grandparents will be there. I hope the funeral brings closure and peace to my heart, since I feel so resistant to her being gone.
It was hard to pick out clothes to wear to the funeral. I kept thinking: I am picking out a dress... shoes...a sweater for Grandma Lee's funeral. Why does death always feel surprising to us when it is so obvious and inevitable???

When I told Lili she turned her lips into a big frown and said "Oh No! Never I won't have any Grandma Lees again.... right?"
Speaking of Lili, I will leave you with some happy gingerbread houses my Mom and Lili made this holiday. Lili's was a unicorn house. See that marshmallow above the gumdrop eyes? That is the horn.
I let her pull off a few pieces of candy and told her she was done eating it. I found her later, hiding behind the couch,  naughtily nibbling on a rock hard chunk of frosting. Those sweet-tooth genes Grandma Lee passed down are so strong!
So I suggested we give the house over to the chickens. I brought it out to them ceremoniously and with camera in hand~ thinking it was going to be quite the photo shoot to see 28 chickens eating a gingerbread house.
But, no.
They didn't want it. I guess our chickens don't have sweet-toothes. or sweet beaks...you know what I mean.

until we meet again,


Daisie said...

I will be keeping you in my thoughts during your long journey at this difficult time. x

Liz said...

Kelcey, we will be praying for a sweet time of communion with your Grandma Lee and the rest of your family during this sad time. Also for safe travels and peaceful children. Love you!

Liz said...
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Kathleen said...

So nice to talk to you this morning! My heart and prayers are with you and the kids as you make your way up north. You are so right, it is such a bittersweet time. Much love to your mom and all. Oh, and the look that chicken has on its face is the same look my kids gave my meatloaf;) Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Kelcey. I'm sending my love to you and your family. xoxoxoxo