African music

Last night Alex and I watched Bela Fleck's documentary called "Throw Down Your Heart" about his journey to bring the banjo back to Africa. I thought it was gripping and so sweet. As always, I found myself envious of some of the singing traditions there. The stories and song seem to be woven into daily life in a way I can barely grasp. Here is a short video that sums his trip up, but I would recommend watching the whole thing!

Also along a similar theme, this is a kickstarter (Have you heard of Kickstarter?????) project started by Lili's music teacher's son.
He has been in Africa on a Fulbright scholarship, and has made an amazing album giving a human voice to widespread AIDS/HIV problem there through music. To bring it to fruition, he has one month to raise $10,000.  I know any that any little bit you can donate will help see his meaningful project through.

Hmmmm... as I am putting a plug in for everyone else to join in, I am realizing that I haven't yet. I have been meaning to... but.... I think after I viewed it I got distracted by browsing through Kickstarter. Feeling inspired by the plethora of amazing projects and talents out there, and dreaming of my own big projects and ideas...  Hopefully by writing this I will follow through with my intention to pitch in~ because ultimately, it makes me feel good to be a part of inspiring and positive projects like this.

Please check it out! And Here to donate. ♥

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Andrew said...

I am so moved and touched you would feature this. Andrew has been working so very hard and feel susch a calling to complete this work, ultimately for the people affected and infected by AIDS in Malawi...

Words fail. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3