Alex and I lived in a rental house after we were married, but I was always longing for our own home. I wanted to be able to have a garden and plant my own tomatoes. To be able to cultivate the soil and be in the same place the next year to reap the benefits.

So on a whim one day I bought a lilac bush at the hardware store. I brought it back to our rental house and Alex looked at me with raised eyebrows. ummmm?

And I told him it was for our future home whenever we found one. And in the meantime it could live in a pot.

And it did. And surprisingly, it survived. And then just one year later, David and Ema invited us to share their land with them. And we found our home.

Here is that same lilac growing her first leaves of this season.  Reminding me with every unfurling how good it is to be home. 


Kathleen said...

My absolute favorite flower. We had a beautiful lilac bush in the yard where I grew up. Then, when I was rasing the kids we had a ton of bushes...until the landlord cut them down:( There is nothing like that smell. So glad you planted this. A sure sign that Spring has arrived.

Anonymous said...

lovely story. We always do way too much work on rental houses where we have lived. Everything from painting & repairing to planting gardens. Glad we are not renting anymore!