A little pocket I stitched to glue in my journal. It is part of an envelope I found in my grandfather's office. I have been making small sketches of buds that I will keep in here.
The dogwood outside our bathroom window is starting to bloom. The buds started out as tight, purple-gray, round balls, and then they have opened a little more each day. Right now they are green and purple. Eventually they will be a squarish shape, and white.

Alex loves dogwood trees. (and I love him for that... ♥)
I don't think he was serious, but at some point during both of my pregnancies he mentioned naming the baby Dogwood. Our poor kids with their unusual names... If they every dislike their names when they are older at least I can tell them, "Well, it could have been worse.  You could be named Dogwood." 

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Frivolitea said...

I know a girl named Fern and a boy named Moss. Wonderful names, i think. Dogwood would be equally special.