Lil at 6 months
Seo at 12 months

It couldn't be a prettier, springier day today. The kids and I went for an early morning walk. We picked some forsythia and smelled all the flowers we could find. Lil cupped the daffodils so gently in her hands, and she called them daff-o-dillies.

Right now we have the door cracked, and the breeze is floating in. The clouds are streaming by in the bright blue sky.  If it weren't for thinking about all the devastation in Japan I would be so blissed out right now. Or maybe I am blissed out, and the concern I feel for those affected is floating through the day like the coulds... Either way, it is heavily on my mind. Particularly the nuclear situation. As a mom,  nuclear energy makes my stomach turn. Okay, well enough about that.

On the bright side,  the couple friends I know in Japan are okay. For that I am grateful.