best parts

best part of Sunday: Drinking homemade carrot apple juice with the family all piled on the couch in the morning and all cheers-ing again and again. Seo had his mouth hanging open in a grin he was so happy to be clinking his sippy cup.
best part of Monday: Checking out our little water feature with Lil and finding that some of the frog eggs we have been keeping an eye on hatched into eensy tadpoles. She could barely contain herself she was so excited about it.
best parts of today (Tuesday): #1. Putting a movie on for Lil when Eliseo went down for his morning nap~ and me getting to work on my earrings while I drank coffee and watched a netflix show on my computer.  #2. Eating  a family dinner while it was still light out (!) of a delicious coconut salmon cilantro soup I made.

what bests are you having?


Mandy said...

Gosh! It sounds so Spring-y-ish down there! We still have snow and are still dealing with fevers and sickness. Every day I daydream of green things and sprouts and sunshine!! Thanks for sharing some of your spring with me! Miss you.

Erin said...

Today my bests were amongst the worst too (it was a hard day)...but they included reading on the couch this morning with Corbin, seeing Corbin and Eliza play "train" with the wagon-each pushing eachother, standing in the toilet while it flushed to show Corbin you cannot go down, and having a picnic under the high chair after afternoon snack. Thanks for asking.

Linda said...

Best part?
Checking your blog just before heading to bed - after Paul earlier had said there wasn't a different post - and finding this new post that gives me a glimpse of your world this week! It made a BEST for my day! *sigh*

Kathleen said...

Ditto what Linda said. xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The best for me that has come about in the past couple of days is re-discovering the book _Collage With Color_ by jane davies. It's a great book.

Anonymous said...

Today's BEST was just now--clicking "purchase" on my new computer!!! I'm feeling more like a "real" photographer by the minute. :) Also, the 60 degrees and sunshine helped make it a good day.

Carrie said...

Today's best was Matt, Kora and I all huddled on the tiny rug in Kora's room scratching Jackson's belly with his paws up in the air and a big grin on his face. Well, Kora wasn't exactly scratching him - she was banging on his tummy, but it was great to see them interact. And Erin - I have to say that the standing in the toilet story is one of my favorite mom stories I've ever heard!