Daisie said...

We should all have one of these to pin on the door on bad days! Is it one of yours or simple a statement of feeling?

Kelcey said...

It is both. (simple statement, and mine)
the source being that Lili is cutting her top tooth.
and I agree about the pining something like this statement on your door. or your shirt. or your car for that matter. and while i'm at it, maybe I would make a "napping" sign too on the off chance I could take a nap!

PICKLE said...

Kelce! Hope and I are sitting in a cabin in Estes (at my family reunion)talking about her birthing plan and all of the birth stories we have heard. I just tried to call you so we could hear yours again. I wish I could be there to hold Lili and sing to her to soothe her toothing pain. Tell her I love her and I will sing to her soon. Your house looks beautiful btw. Call when you can. I adore you and have no doubt you are an amazing momma.