hmmm... i just love her....

Lilikoi went to the doctors last Wednesday for a "Well child check up". Our doctors name is Dr. Uhren, pronounced like Urine- NO JOKE!
(Every time I say his name I feel a grade-school giggle catch in my throat.)
Lili now weighs 18lbs, and she is 29", and her head is growing just as it should be. All good news. I also after much researching, soul-searching, and indecision gave her her first round of vaccinations. DTaP, HIB, and Polio. (Typically these start at 2 months) I will write more on this later, as it is too much to think-explain-rationalize at 11:30 pm. The three shots went into her left thigh, and she seemed oblivious to the first jab, there was realization at #2, and by #3 she was letting of a curdling scream. I was able to just sit down and nurse her, and she settled right down though. What would I do if she didn't nurse in a situation like that??? What a blessing my pacifying breasts are!

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Erin said...

I am really interested to talk with you about vaccines....Adam and I are having some similar questions and want to do a little more research before Corbin's 2 month appointment...which is coming up soon.