two abnormal events tonight

It was hot (maybe 95?) and muggy when Alex, Lili, and I sat down to eat a delicious and artfully prepared dinner by my darling husband tonight. (It involved black beans and Swiss chard that was from our garden) Thunder had been rumbling in the distance for a bit, and just as we were sitting down it started to downpour. ..THEN~ it started to hail. At first one little hail bouncing by the fig tree, then a flash of white mixed in with the rain over by the rocks, then the heavens let loose and they came pelting down. I don't think I have ever seen hail like this~ and on a day that is SO hot. There is a good reason why I know a couple of people addicted to the weather channel. because weather is just fascinating.
So after all the hoopla about the hail we settle in to eat when out of the corner of my eye I see a movement above Alex's head. What on earth??? It is a snake wiggling in our window.
Yes indeed. probably to get away from the hail, our resident black snake crawled up our window. If anyone had any doubts about us living in the boonies- this probably crushed that.
The good news is A: the snake was not IN my house. and B: Black snakes are not poisonous, and they in fact deter the poisonous Copperhead snake from coming around.

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Adam said...

I wish we had some snakes. I never see any around...

Hail is fun, too...