Bon Bons

I am sitting here eating a bowl of ice cream, and playing around on the computer, in the middle of the day. Alex is working in the blazing sun building a deck a few houses away. ~~Guilt~guilt~guilt...~(what is that saying about eating bon-bons? "It's not like I'm here eating bon-bons all day"? or something like that- Well... it is the kind of day where I might say I've been eating bon-bons all day. or the equivalent...)
It is so hot my eyelids feel sweaty. It is so hot that when I went to put Lili down in her crib for her nap her neck stuck to my arm. Ideally, the transition from arms to crib should be smooth so she doesn't wake up, but, when our skin sticks together and won't detach- Well, that's not smooth. Luckily, she was so pooped from our fun play-date earlier today she stayed limp while I botched up the entry to the crib. Wednesdays are my favorite day of my week with Lili.
~This day starts with me not having to go to work.
~Lili and I played and slowly cleaned the house in the morning.
~Then we went to our neighbor Meredith's to have a play date with Meredith and Micheles' little ones for a couple of hours.
~Lili and I came home and ate some lunch with Alex who was on his lunch break.
~Then I made some pizza dough while Lili created havoc with the Tupperware bin.
~Then she went down for a long summer nap by the fan, and I hung some laundry, started a new load, and then came inside to make a business phone call, eat some ice cream, drink some cold water, and change my blog title like I have been thinking to do for a long time.
~I made a mistake and had the fan running while I scooped out flour for the dough, and now our kitchen is coated in a fine flour dust... I think I will end my bon-bon break to go clean that up for another hard play session with Lili...


Erin said...

sounds like a lovely summer day, despite the heat!

Anonymous said...

I'd say your day sounds VERY productive! And I LOVE the new blog title and banner... Bon Bons, yummy!

babyjenks said...

i love the new blog title. it fits perfectly!