Hay delivery!

Jason (Co-goat-herder) borrowed our truck to pick up some hay/Kudzu mix for the goats this afternoon. When he got back we were all astounded that he didn't topple over or get a ticket with the hay-rig he had going on. The goats were happy to have us all tromping around in the barn. Here are some portraits:
Jason returning with the straw bounty:
Amelia (the mom)
Windy (hopefully pregnant and due in the late winter)
The not so little babies: Thunder & Rain
The matriarch Sparrow
(Yes, she is earless. It is her breed the LaMancha that are lacking the classic goat ears!)
A little farm girl: Gita Pi
And unloading the hay...


sandy223 said...

An adjustable tracked side-delivery hay rake for use in agriculture for collecting the hay in tidy haycoks, is provided with adjustable wheels movable between a raised and narrow position, suitable for transport and based on the presence—on the arms supporting the wheels—of universal joints that allow movements in all directions.
Sandy Romeo


Kat said...

ummm, i'm a little unclear on this "tidy haycocks" principle, but boy! i love moving hay! your pictures bring back great memories of hauling straw for the farm in NC where i worked years ago: we used huge, rickety trailers and stacked them so high and in such a complicated fashion that we were always amazed that it all never blew out on the [slow. long.] drive home.
three cheers for feasting goats!

Adam said...

Spam delivery!

You're lucky. You got that spam hit when you wrote about your art supplies, and now another with hay!

Unless you know that person, in which case, um...nevermind.