Pick of the Week: JuJu

Well...I think her name is JuJu...
The title of her blog and flickr page is "JuJu Loves Polka dots" so I am imagining her name is JuJu. Or she is a mysterious type, and JuJu is her pen name... Either way I am totally smitten with her bright colors and 3-D compositions. I also am in love with the fact that she does so many different things and works them all! I am personally tormented by how many artistic directions I am in love with. (Visual journaling, painting, oils, acrylic, mixed media, jewelry, book-making, relief printing, mono-printing, earth-based-installation, oil pastels, artist books, watercolor......) So to see another artist boldly doing so many different mediums is refreshing. And it is good for me to see that her work translates across these mediums too.

Here is what she has to say about this: "I wish I could stick to doing one thing but I frequently get distracted by new passions. My husband says I have a whim of iron"

I love that! A whim of iron...

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