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We live on a dead end dirt road 15 mins from any type of store (except one backwoods beer store that sits on the county line of a neighboring "dry" town.) I try to take a lot of walks but with our stroller we are rather limited to our 2 mile road. Sometimes I feel like I am pacing as I re-walk the same walk day in and day out. This repetitiveness has some benefits- such as I notice the seasons changing very acutely, It is peaceful, It is a nice length walk, I feel in touch with nature, very nice air to breathe... but sometimes I dream of living in a city or little neighborhood where we would walk on sidewalks and be nosy about other people's lives, and houses, and flower gardens. I would stroller in any direction and get lost among colorful houses with cute porch rocking chairs and nice stonework...
I used to live like this, and now I live in the woods... sometimes you just can't have both dreams at once you know?
One little thing that makes me smile every time I talk a walk is this big yellow pig that lives in a culvert nearby. It just appeared one day last year with no explaination. This is one of our dog Atticus's favorite drinking spots, so you can only imagine his surprise when he bounded up for a drink! I like to think this pig is part of my cheering squad as I pace our dirt road each day.

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Erin said...

Ha! And I thought it was a real pig! The country vs. the city/town, isn't that everyones dilemma? It's ours. Sometimes I wish I lived in a cool neighborhood like Portland has, and other times I wish I lived on 5 acres. Oh, well. Thanks for the image of you walking the same walk every day!