We celebrated with friends and family at our house this morning and tomorrow is officially Lili's big day. Although I always thought they were sweet, I never understood fully about the importance of a baby's first birthday. I guess my thinking was along the lines of well, they won't remember it, and they are too little to understand what is going on... But now I see that it is not only celebrating Lili's first trip around the sun, but it marks an important day for everyone else: It is one year that we have been blessed to have Lili with us.


Erin said...

Yeah Lili! Happy Happy Birthday! Corbin got her a present while in Bend this past week but we have yet to get it in the mail...expect it soon. Amazing how fast the time flies. Happy 1st Birthday.

Daisie said...

Happy bIrthday Lili!
And happy one year of parenthood Kelcey and Alex!!

cara lou said...

Looks like a great time! And beautiful invitations!

Happy Birthday, Lili :)

Linda said...

Love you so much .... wish we were there to celebrate with you on your eventful day.
Memere Linda and Pepere Paul