Lili Update

-It seems likely that Lili will start walking any day.
-She is saying: da da, maaaa maaaaamamama, kitty (kitch-uh), juice (jushhhhhhh), dog (daaa) and with it woof woof (ra ra), gita (ge-t), and more...
-She climbs. Onto this chair, the rocking-horse.
-She gets off things by turning around and inching her butt and legs slowly off. (The bed, the chair, out the front door...)
- She signs all day. (Nurse, more, yay!, sleep, kitty.)
- I feel constantly blessed to be witness the these small yet monumental changes in her life...
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Erin said...

Each little milestone is so amazing. I am excited to keep seeing her change and can't wait for the post that says "Walking"! Yeah Lili!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It's great to hear a "practical" update. I mean, we can all see how CUTE she is, but it's fun to hear what she's learning! :)

CT said...

She is SO beautiful. This is my favorite picture of her - well, for today! I can't wait to see her soon!

Has Lili had much time swimming? Because there will be plenty of pool time in Nica.