The two of them...
Alex burping at the dinner table, and me swatting him every time he lets one rip.

ALex: "Lil listen.... RUUUUUUUURRRRRP!"
Me: "Allllllex!" swat swat
Lili: giggle giggle.

Me: "That is grossing me out...." Whine, whine.

Me: *SIGH*
Lili: Looks at me, looks at Alex.... "Ruuuuurp!!!!" giggle giggle. (not a real burp, but an imitation that could fool you). giggle giggle.
Alex: giggle, giggle
Me: pause, giggle giggle..

Lili: very satisfied.

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Adam said...

It's so great that you take the time to communicate and interact with each other. If only more families were like yours.