We all start out this way.
We all have had a first time dancing with our own shadow.
Small things are funny. Until they become mundane and normal.
Until someone small lets you in on how funny they truly are.
well, now I know again.
Shadows are funny moving things.

SouleMama has such a wonderful post today ( if you haven't already seen it go HERE)...
If only I could wake up like that some days.
To a tablecloth and paper as quiet as the snow, waiting for you to show up and see.


Erin said...

Thanks for the reminder of the small things. Sometimes Corbin chases his shadow of his hands when he is getting changed.

Liz said...

So beautiful! Did you just melt inside over the cute-sweetness of it all? These moments make parenthood so precious. Uninhibited joy-- Only children!

cara lou said...

Adorable pictures. I love her pigtails!

Supria Karmakar said...

It is the SMALL THINGS that mean so much in life...these are such great pictures and sentiments..love her pigtails..she is a cutie...