felty mail!

When we were up north we left Lili's special sippy cup at our friend's house, and so we kindly got a package in the mail the other day returning it. Tucked in the package was this amazing little hand felted wall hanging for Lili. Isn't it the best??? When I first saw it I thought the girl was carrying a plate of cookies (see where my mind is...), but it has been pointed out to me that clearly they are flowers. And probably black-eyed-susans. Duh.
Although wouldn't it be nice to be carrying a plate of cookies to eat under a big leafy tree? And all to yourself I might add. (Unless sheep like cookies...)I have never felted, but it looks so fun. I love all the colors and softness of it. Thank you Elizabeth!!!

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Liz said...

Absolutely precious. How on earth did she do that?