Sorry I have been a bad blogger this week~ I have two excuses.
#1: I had/have a sinus infection that gave me a constant headache and felt like I had cinder blocks in my cheekbones. I even went to bed before Alex two nights in a row. I am feeling much better now (I took the medicinal herb poke root for the first time and it seems to have done the job~ it is nice to have an alternative to antibiotics).
#2: Is waaaaay better than #1....It that I got the gift of a studio space for two months!!! For a small barter my friends are letting me take up a 16'x20' cabin right that is very close to our house. It feels like my heart has exploded with happiness. I love ADORE my new space.
See how lived-in it looked after only 10 hours of me and my supplies?and here is the painting I made today. I forgot how emotional I get when I paint alone and without a plan. It is like the paint and patterns speak to me~ and reach out and touch places of my soul that never get noticed. sounds crazy, but at least I know it is a truthful painting when this happens. Does that make any sense?
milkweeds 8"x8"x1.5"
fabric, glue, acrylic paint, papers, ink


Linda said...

yeay! I am so happy for you - I assume this is Kevin and Meredith's cabin? Wow! How great that you could work out a barter.

I like the painting, too - but the best part is that you just painted to paint. Because you love to paint and are an artist.
We must talk soon.
Love, mom

Erin said...

That is so exciting! How nice to have your own space :-) And the painting is beautiful. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the way the milkweed seems to be exploding out of the painting--it has wonderful depth. I'm SO glad for you that you have a new "home" of sorts. YEAH! (Also, I got a great package from you today! Thanks so much! xoxo!)