In the studio...

Some studio shots. From a couple of days ago as today is dark, rainy, and foggy. I tried to take a few pictures with me in them- self timer shots~ I would set the camera on a chair then run to the table, grab a paintbrush and look like I was in mid concentration. They all looked posed and unflattering on top of that. Maybe someday I will have Alex take some action shots of me. In the meantime...
My company: the cd/radio player. I have been enjoying listening to "The Diane Rehm Show" from 10-12 am while I work.
The cute little stove that keeps me warm on a chilly morning:
My Talas Jade PVA glue that has been an important part of my newer paintings. I have been mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with SOBO glue. Both should be flexible and non-yellowing.
Spraying some small paintings outside on the deck:
And lastly, Look what Alex did for me: just when I was experiencing a mid afternoon slump he came with some decaf coffee and a little thing of cream and sweetener. It brings a smile to my face just thinking of it...
I hope everyone is having a cozy, treaty, cuddly sort of day!

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