heeeeeeeeeere chicky chicky x 32

You heard it right. 32 chickens.

Excuse me while I digress...
When I was typing up a new little profile for myself recently I was having a lot of difficulty describing what we are doing with our lives. Most of the time I don't feel all that different from the average joe, but then it hits me every once in awhile that no, we are living really differently than a LOT of people. This realization can be hard on me, because I am someone who would rather not stick out. I don't want to be the spokesperson for composting your poop, or drinking raw milk, or living in a small house, ect. I wholeheartedly believe in what we are doing, but I honestly don't think is for most people, and I don't think it is the one and only way to live.
I don't even know how I ended up here. I didn't have any particular dream to build my own house and have dairy goats, and chickens, and be a stay-at-home mom who lives so far from the city... I guess one thing leads to another, and then one day you just are.
( If I had to guess, 10 years ago I would have said I would be owning a little bookstore/gallery on the coast of Maine. And I would live upstairs and have a cute little walled garden in the back where I would have a little studio, grow tomatoes, and lanterns would glow at night. ..)
Anyways... All this to say that I feel like we are completely flying by the seat of our pants most days. So, despite not having anywhere to house them, we decided, went and bought, and brought home a lot of chickens. Last night the brothers (Alex and David) had the extension cords and flood lights out as they finished up the temporary chicken housing. David drove 35 minutes one direction to pick up 1/2 the birds, and Ema, Gita, Lili, and I drove the 35 minutes other direction to pick up the rest. We got two different ages~ 2 1/2 month and 5 1/2 months. The older ones have just started laying. Here's what 10 chickens in a minivan looks like:

and the sun was setting as we drove away from these brown-leghorn's former home...
This weekend we will be building them a proper home in our backyard.
Cluck Cluck :)


Erin said...

That's a lot of chickens. A lot of poop. A lot of peeps and clucks. A lot of feathers. A lot of eggs. Maybe some meat? I NEVER would have thought I would have chickens, 10 years ago. I NEVER thought I would have city chickens. Who knew. But I like them now!

Liz said...

You have a beautiful life, Kelcey. I know you have somewhat stumbled into all of this, but I see it as very intentional and very, very special. Congratulations on your new additions. Thanks for sharing with as your family and homestead evolve and mature.

bottomland said...

I loved every bit of this post. I love that I can picture your little bookstore on the coast of Maine, and that I can picture your little house in the mountains even more. I love the choices that you've made and I agree with Liz--your life is BEAUTIFUL. Happy chickens!