With each passing hour of today I fell more and more in love with Lilikoi's new haircut. I love how it was sticking up in a tousled mess when she woke up, and how when I asked her if she liked her new haircut she just said "Yep" so nonchalantly (non of the hair drama that comes with age I guess), and how her bangs frame her face just right. Bangs are the practical haircut for a two year old. Before bangs, her hair would fall in sticky tendrils over her face from things like Popsicles or fruit. And now I don't need to fight with her about keeping a barrette in either. Despite all the practicalities I just had an unspoken bang aversion~ and now it is dissolving.

It is just that I had bang trauma growing up.
Actually, when I stop and think about it, it is more like post-traumatic-bang trauma. Because at the time of my bad bangs (grades 2-7) I did not care. I had way cooler things to do than think about fashion sense (although it was the 80's). Only in retrospect was I traumatized by the bangs that started way back on my head and fell to my eyebrows, and dropped off into a mullet in the back of my head.

Anyhoo... I had some serious bangs, and it is high time that I embraced these bangs of the past,let go of my phobia, and revel in Lili's.


Linda said...

Hmmmm ... I wonder if a hair=dresser would have given you the same look ...

Wonder also if we can we pass on PTSBD (post traumatic stress bang drama)? Maybe I kept yours looking LONG like that - and DIDN'T take you to a hairdresser was b/c my mom took me to our neighbor hairdresser who cut mine soooooooo short that they stuck straight up (thanks to a lovely cowlick) and I was forced to go to school with the 1/2" that was left of them TAPED to my forehead!

You are the BEST!

liz said...

when my adella was littler, i used to keep her bands cut super-short and choppy. i loved it! (even though i had folks asking if she cut it herself)
i love being able to see their sweet faces -- and it drives me crazy to see them with scraggly hair hanging in their eyes!

i understand your trauma, but i know you weren't alone -- it was the 80's!

wildviolets said...

Love the bangs!! I think I had some like it in the 80's. Haven't had any since, it was kind of traumatic. I was actually contemplating getting some again for a new look, maybe not quite as thick.:) I think I have had the same hair style for almost 20 years!! Wow, long time. Oh, nice shorts too!

Mandy said...

I too have bang issues. I had bangs for much of my childhood. My dad was my hair cutter and in addition to my hair looking a little choppy, my ears also have notches in them from me not wanting to sit still and getting cut! I have memories of holding a cold washcloth on my bleeding ear to make it stop.

Erin said...

I feel bad. I might have contributed to your PTSDBD by trying to always get you to "do" something with them. I would also argue that they might have lasted a little longer...like at least till 7th grade :-) I am sure Lili's look super cute!

Anonymous said...

Linda says: "I wonder if a hair dresser would have given you the same look ..."
The answer is: "No. absolutely not."

Just clearing things up. Becca