free music. free hugs.

Every Thursday night in the summertime our local park hosts a free concert; and this week was the kickoff. We ate a picnic dinner surrounded by friends, and listened to the fun, soulful, and jazzy Kat Williams (click here to check out her myspace page). What a treat to be able to hear family-friendly live music for free! So awesome.

At the end of the night Lili had made a new friend. A little girl around her age with bangs and long pigtails and a pink tee-shirt. All the kids were up front dancing and being silly, but it soon became clear that the two of them had formed a special bond. They were doing laps, chasing each other around a group of concert-goers, and then would stop and hug until they fell into a heap on top of each other. Then they would giggle like mad and start over...

How amazing to be young and so open to life that when you recognize a kindred spirit you can be hugging and knowing each other as "friend" before you even know their name.


liz said...

fun, fun, fun!
kids are awesome, aren't they? so generous and true.

and hey -- my hubby's band, dehlia low, will be playing there on another thursday, july the 8th -- you guys should check them out!

wildviolets said...

Looks like a lot of fun, we will have to go one week! Do you go every week? I would love to meet up there.