new work


*today was Sunday and it was hot.
*Alex made a nice breakfast.
*I enjoyed my morning coffee sitting on the couch holding Eliseo.
*We broke open the watermelon that has been on the counter all week.
*In the heat of the day our whole family got dressed (Me in my bathing suit and sunglasses, Alex in his boxers,
Lili totally naked, and Seo in a fleece diaper and a sun hat) to go to the pool. We all squeezed in the kiddie pool together.
*In the late afternoon we worked in the garden. Eliseo reclined in his bouncy chair contentedly while I weeded for an hour.
*We ate tacos with the
Carmonas for dinner. (Ema made a very delicious and tart gooseberry cobbler too.)
Seo came down with his first fever tonight (mild).
*The kids went to bed early and Alex and I watched a "Law and Order" and worked on some art stuff.

and here is another little collage (4" x 4") that I finished yesterday.


Linda said...

Lucky you! It was cold, damp and raw today - a perfect day for the woodstove! Strange how temps can be so different. Sounds like you had a great day. Nice :)

Anonymous said...

ooh - gooseberry cobbler! yum. where'd you get the gooseberries? (I know you can't grow them in NC) sounds like a lovely end (minus the fever) to a hot, hot day.