Daddy Monkey news

Lili has switched from playing the game "How about you are the baby, and I am the Mommy?" to "How about you are the baby Monkey, and I am the Daddy Monkey???"

So I will say "Lili"
and she will say "No! I am the Daddy Monkey!"
and I will say, "Oh right. Um, Daddy Monkey?"
"Yes, baby Monkey?"

When Alex goes along with this game he does so in a growling, gruff, monsterish voice. Lili eats it up. She loves it. We can get her to do most anything if we just call her the right thing.

In other Lili news, I gave her a haircut today. It is a little severe, and there are bangs involved. Ema and Alex have both assured me that it is cute and fine... but my heart was racing for about an hour after I put the scissors down. Our camera has dead batteries~ so no photos of it now. I will just let you picture the very worst, so when you see it you will think: no, no, Lili looks just fine after all.


Erin said...

Isn't it amazing what they will do when you call it something the "right thing". Last night Corbin ate his whole dinner because we called Hamburger Buddy (healthy version of hamburger helper) "King Mac" because he has been playing with a deck of cards and likes the kings and it had macaroni noodles in it... funny little people things!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Love what children come up with and also love that parents play along with it. Hair will grow back... Thanks for posting on my blog. This peri-menopause stinks.... but it is helping me be creative in one way... not my art right now... but I am looking forward to creating soon. I will do it. The way it is helping me is I am finally shifting other things in my life.... Thanks again for posting and I love to hear about you and yours. Lucy