My friend Katy spoke this quote aloud to me, and it resonated and has stuck with me the last few days. I usually find myself drawn to poems more than quotes, but sometimes a quotation can really capture a thought or feeling in a perfectly direct way. I don't know the exact quote or even who originally said it.
However the gist of it:

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles~
It empties today of its strength."
I know I worry too much. As a mom... as a sister... about the well being of the world... and on and on. But, it is so true that worrying about something doesn't empty it of its trouble at all.


chris said...

inspiring quote by Corrie Ten Boom, i believe. i love quotes - thanks for posting this one. it sure does give you something to think about. and i love the picture! look how big your little one is already!

Erin said...

Good quote. I love the picture. Look at those leg rolls! I keep forgetting to ask why you changed your font to smaller? Maybe I need glasses....

Anonymous said...

Training your mind to stay in the moment is the only way I have found to keep myself from worrying. The practice is not easy, but well worth the trouble.