Summer Solstice

There are so many days that just flow. It will be 9 AM and you are thinking "Wow! I have already gotten so much accomplished! Things are moving along so effortlessly!"

Well, today was the opposite of that kind of day.

Nothing bad, just a continual thought bubble above my head thinking "Wow! that really wasn't smooth!" or: "hmmmm...that sure was a comedy of errors..."

It all began about 2 seconds after I opened my eyes this morning when I realized the baby had a poop explosion that had saturated through the diaper, and pajamas, and sheet, and had soaked into our mattress. (Someone must have a word for this type of poop that squirts up to the shoulder blades right???. )
The next twenty minutes involved trying to clean up the bed, cat barf, pee all over me and a basket of clean laundry, baby barf on my skirt, a second poop explosion that luckily hit the ground outside, pee on the couch cushion, and a weary mother trying to patiently answer a toddler's million questions about what exactly was going on. I know you are thinking "Why wasn't that baby in a diaper for goodness sake? I don't know. I guess I kept wrongly assuming he must be empty.

The rest of the day followed suit.

At the end of the day I went out to hang the laundry on the line. It was incredibly peaceful with glowing orange clouds and the stream trickling nearby. It was the first moment of the day I had stopped to appreciate the first day of Summer. As I pinned up the last sock~ a giant thunderclap echoed overhead. It rained on my laundry five minutes later.

You just have to laugh at yourself and the world on the days like today. You know???

Here is something that has also kept me smiling.
It is by far the best thing that has happened this week:


Cindy Benson said...

Wow! He's laughing!! There's some really cool Native American tradition of celebrating a baby's first laugh, but I can't remember what it is. Do you know? Hope you'll are well and that tomorrow is a better day. Happy summer!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if you kept your sense of humor throughout the day's challenges....BTW, I think it's called projectile poop. Lovely. Hope the rest of the week goes more smoothly, or maybe that's the wrong word to us. More solidly???