home day

"Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

— Rumi

1. Seo wakes at 6:00. Alex gets up with the kids and lets me sleep until 7:15 (♥ him).
2. We eat oatmeal. Alex (aka chickmunk-turtle daddy) leaves for work at 7:45.
3. Lili and I water the tomato plants with the watering can. 
4. Seo and I walk Lili down to her friends house for a playdate at 9:30. 
5. Dishes, snacks, folding diapers & playing.  (photo was taken. He has banana in his hair and on his face. sand from the sandbox covering his hands.) 
6. Middle of the day: Seo sleeps and I drink two chocolate peanut butter smoothies. I work on a new larger painting. I test out some glue.
7. 1:00. Seo wakes up and Lili and her friend are dropped off. They eat cherries off the cherry trees, cheese, yogurt, goldfish crackers, and drink lemon water.
8. 3:00. Friend goes home. I start dinner. 
9. 5:00. Lili is begging to go to bed. I tell her no.  The kids eat dinner and then do baths (still in our sink). 
10. 6:00. Alex gets home. He goes and feeds the chickens and Atticus. 
11.  6:30. The kids go to bed.  We sit down to eat (I made these tonight. yum). 
12. Alex puts on his headphones and does the dishes. I work on my Etsy site. 
13. 8:00. Alex reads (this) and I write this. 

And there you have it. 


Linda said...

A day so filled with blessings ~ beautiful.
Thanks for a peek into your life.

chris said...

sounds like a simply wonderful day!